Wick and Wire Cases Are The Best Vape Bags Money Can Buy

Best Vape Cases and Vape Bags by Wick and Wire Brand
Wick and Wire Vape Cases of all sizes

With so many varieties of vape bags and vape cases on the market, its tough to choose which is best for your pricey vaping hardware. Luckily the guys over at Wick and Wire know a thing or two about protecting your valuable vape gear. Wick and Wire is a vape apparel and accessories brand based out of San Diego and have been keeping vapers worldwide fitted in the latest vape clothing for the past 4 years.

Their latest collection consists of the best vape cases you can find out there. There are 4 silhouettes to choose from. Below is a breakdown of each.

The Stash Case (medium vape mods) 

Stash Case by Wick and Wire - Vape Cases - Vape Bags - Box Mod Holder - E-Cig AccessoriesStash Case worn via carabiner


Stash Case by Wick and Wire - Best Vape Cases - Top Vape Bags - Box Mod Holder - E-Cig Accessories
Stash Case worn on the belt loop for easy access

Where to buy: Amazon  | Company Website

Primo Case (larger vape mods)


Where to buy: Amazon | Company Website

El Cajon Case (unlimited space)

Where to buy: Amazon  | Company Website

Lowkey Case (mini box mods)

LowKey Case by Wick and Wire Brand

Where to buy: AmazonCompany Website


Check out a another full review of the Wick and Wire cases by Huffington Post contributor Brian Penny here. Below is a snippet from the review.

Wick and Wire cases are small enough to not get in the way, but they’re large enough to hold all the equipment, accessories, and juices you need for a weekend or even week-long trip. There are several models available, but what I received were the Stash 3.0 and Primo vape cases. Both have a zippered main pocket that can hold either two mods or a mod and juice. The front pocket can store extra cotton wick and metal wire.

Each Wick and Wire case has a carabine or beltloop, internal elastic strap, and a sling strap option. I recommend the Primo, which is made of heavy duty nylon, for function, although the flannel/suede Stash is a more stylish option. Either way, you’ll be able to protect and travel with your vape equipment. Read the full review here.

If you would like to purchase Wick and Wire Vape Cases, visit their site at www.wickandwirebrand.com.

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